Nitrio Technology

Nitrio SalesAware is an artificial intelligence platform that helps sales teams win more business. Powered by the latest advancements in AI technology from Stanford, Nitrio is a breakthrough for sales teams looking to take advantage of modern technology to boost sales productivity.

Sales happens in email and by voice, and SalesAware keeps track of every one of your teams’ customer conversations with natural language processing to identify thousands of sales topics. With SalesAware, teams know everything that customers and reps are actually saying, when they are successful and when they fail. It then applies artificial intelligence to find successful examples of customer conversations to ramp reps faster and close more deals. 



Nitrio reads and listens to every customer conversation: in email and voice calls.  Proprietary Natural Language Processing pinpoints exactly what sales topics are being discussed. There are probably over 100 ways a customer asks for a discount, or brings up competition; Nitrio understands them all.



We've been building Nitrio for three years to make sure it really understands what happens in customer conversations. Today we have a  dictionary of thousands of critical sales topics. If it affects success or failure, our AI understands it. And our list keeps growing, thanks to proprietary machine learning and a rapidly growing customer base.