Case Study: Stackla

Source: Stackla, The World’s Smartest Visual Content Engine

Source: Stackla, The World’s Smartest Visual Content Engine


As a successful and growing global company, Stackla is rapidly scaling up their customer facing teams to meet demand for their platform: sales development, account executives and customer success. As Stackla added new team members in their offices in Austin, London, New York, San Francisco and Sydney they wanted to ensure that each new joiner would ramp to full productivity quickly and successfully.

  • Ramp new sales reps faster

  • Increase prospect response rates

  • Consistent sales messaging across disparate teams


Stackla partnered with Nitrio to take advantage of real-time Artificial Intelligence powered sales coaching.

Their team was live with no effort on the part of Stackla. Their reps are shown both successful email responses and enablement content recommended by their manager, in real time as they need it. In addition, Stackla has AI powered insights into how prospects respond to their outbound prospecting

Nitrio helps my reps ramp faster and win more.
— Joe Seagraves, Manager, Global SDR


About Stackla

Stackla is the social content marketing platform that puts user-generated content at the heart of brand marketing. More than 500 global brands, agencies, media companies, and non-profits use Stackla to curate and publish the best content from across the social web.

About Nitrio

Nitrio was founded with the vision of better sales conversations through artificial intelligence. The founding team are AI experts from Stanford and CRM experts from Nitrio is backed by Pear, Amino, and Illuminate Ventures.