Better Prospecting

Prospecting with email is a proven way to reach your audience. Yet many companies struggle to achieve the acquisition results they aim for due to a lack of insightful data. In a world where cars drive themselves and we can talk to Siri and Google, basic insights on email opens and bounces are not enough. Nitrio's AI automatically recognizes what prospects are replying with when your team reaches out. Now you can tune your outreach easily with the right insights to drive prospect engagement.


AI insights for prospecting

For too long all we've known when sending email is the number of opens, replies and bounces. Nitrio's Natural Language Processing shows you what prospects are saying when they reply. Now you have the data to adjust your outbound messaging for maximum results.



prospect response categories

Not all responses are created equal. With Nitrio you can break down responses into clear categories: Interested, Passive, Not Right Person and Not Interested. Quickly understand which reps and outbound messages are driving the right responses.

Granular response data 

Trying to understand how your audience responds to outreach is an overwhelming task for the sender. Fortunately Nitrio reads every single response and categorizes each one into very granular topics. Drill in and Nitrio will show you how your reps respond to specific customer replies. Now you'll be able to tell at a glance what customer reactions are to your communication.


Compare reps

Positive replies are a direct driver of qualified opportunities. Some reps drive significantly more Interested (positive) replies than others. Nitrio makes it easy to compare rep performance on your team with AI powered insights. You can also see which reps are "spammy" and are driving higher rejection rates.

PI compare by template@2x.png

Compare Templates

Many sales teams use template/cadence tools to automate messaging to prospecting. While convenient, these technologies don't understand the granular replies coming back from prospects. Nitrio automatically classifies the meanings of each one of your prospect replies and allows you to determine at a glance which templates drive the most positive replies, and which ones create the most rejections.

PI trend over time@2x.png

Track performance over time

Sales development leaders need to continually drive more high quality demand to fuel the business. Nitrio helps by making it easy to track how prospect replies change over time. Now you can tell your CRO how many positive replies you generated this week, those are next weeks qualified opportunities.