It’s time for a revolution in sales tech, and Nitrio is leading the charge. Nitrio’s PhD co-founders developed a groundbreaking deep learning technology that allows AI to listen and learn directly from your customers, enabling a whole new class of CRM and sales tools.

With Nitrio, Artificial Intelligence makes selling easier with apps that coach reps in real-time, eliminate CRM data entry, optimize customer messaging, and show managers what's really happening in their sales process without having to read every activity history,

Nitrio is proven to help customer facing reps ramp faster and produce more because with Nitrio, every rep can sell like the best rep. Nitrio customers are effusive about the benefits our technology provides to their customer facing teams. Click the request a demo link above to talk to us and learn more.



Alex Mihlin, Ph.d.

Co-founder, CTO

Alex co-founded Nitrio while completing his Ph.D. in Data Science research at Stanford. He holds master's degrees from Stanford and the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. He also spent 6 years in the Israel Defense Forces developing scientific computing applications. 


Corey McCall

Chief Knowledge Engineering Officer

Corey co-founded Nitrio while completing his Ph.D. in Data Science and  Electronics research at Stanford. He holds a master's degree from Stanford, where he led multiple research projects in collaboration with NASA and Stanford Hospital and Clinics.